Tuesday Trend Report: #DESIGNSERIES New English Country

New English Country? Try this: Garden & Gun, Ralph Lauren, Polo, Southern Gentlemen, Charleston, Williamsburg, and Charlottesville. Though it may be a bit stereotypical, when you think of classic, old, southern money, you usually think of the English Country style. There’s Old English Country style which really resonates with England’s true countryside. Then, there is the New English Country style which you see these days in the United States, especially in Northern Virginia. This design incorporates cleaner lines, striking color contrasts, and modern materials. However, you can still make New English Country classic and rustic with the use of rich, dark, wood, accent features. This style can certainly be seen as similar to the Modern Farmhouse style. However, typical New English Country design incorporates exaggerated, dark tones and architectural detail. Rather than a lot of black matte finishes in lighting, plumbing, and hardware as seen in the Modern Farmhouse style, you will see bronze, gold, and copper features in a New English Country home. New English Country is all about the full panel wainscoting, crown molding, and ceiling details, especially when these are painted in rich neutral tones. Thus, New English Country is more ornate than most of other popular design styles. It can even appear masculine at times. For example, with New English Country interiors, you’ll see leather furnishings which tend to evoke a masculine feel. Picture a study with an old oak desk and a leather armchair. Thick molding outlines the fireplace in the corner and around the trim of the ceiling. Full panel wainscoting fills every wall of the room and painted bookshelves line an entire wall perfect for an avid reader or collector. A bar cart sits in the corner opposite the fireplace with an old glass whiskey decanter and set of four rocks glasses. A dark blue accent rug makes this study cozy, perfect for a day’s work or for a social evening. When incorporating the following features below, you can assure that you will be designing and building a New English Country home of your dreams.

Wood Accents
Exposed Beams
Columns & Rounded Doorways
Bronze Lighting, Plumbing & Hardware
Copper Accents
Leather Furnishings
Tufted Furnishings
Dark & Neutral Paint Tones
Painted Walls & Ceilings
Elaborate Wainscoting & Paneling
Barn Doors
Built-ins & Bookshelves
Dark Hardwoods
Stone & Brick Accents