Tuesday Trend Report: #DESIGNSERIES French Chateau

The French Chateau design style can be as modern or rustic as you make it. French country style is a more rustic style for interiors and it has as been popular in the United States for years now. Our Modern Farmhouse and Equestrian design styles both stem from some of this style with its use of wood beams, stone elements, neutral grey/blue/brown interiors, and wall/ceiling details. The most popular rendition of French Chateau style as a resident in the United States is the famous Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina which has been regarded as the largest home in America for quite some time.

This more traditional French Chateau style home incorporates most if not all the architectural design elements listed below. French Chateau can easily be more masculine or feminine depending on the amount and intensity of architectural detail. More simplistic in nature tends to lead toward the feminine spectrum while more ornate tends to lean toward the more masculine side. Regardless of which end of the spectrum you prefer to be on when it comes to designing your own French Chateau, there are some important elements across the board that when used within the exterior and interior of the home, will give you the Châteauesque design style you are looking for.  We suggest taking a visit to the Biltmore Estate or some of Washington DC’s governmental buildings for this French architectural style!

French chateau-like appearance
Round tower with conical roof
Steeply pitched hipped or gable roof, often with cresting
Tall chimneys with decorative caps
Round Arch or Flattened Basket-Handle Arch Entry
Quatrefoil or Arched Tracery Decorative Elements
Manicured Terraces
Stone & Brick Construction / Stone & Marble Interiors
Wood Beams
Wrought Iron Guardrail (Foyer Staircase)
Blue/Green/Turquoise Paint & Accent Elements
Copper & Gold Details
Linen textiles