Builder Warranty

We commit to expeditiously and professionally correct construction defects in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Builder Warranty, applicable to homes structured in the Commonwealth of Virginia.


The Builder Warranty covers your new home against construction defects as detailed in the Builder Warranty Standards of Performance, from the date title was first transferred by Classic Cottages (the “Warranty Commencement Date”) and is fully transferable to subsequent purchasers.

1 year for workmanship, materials, and major systems.

5 years for structural elements

Warranty Service Procedures

During the first year of the warranty period, Classic Cottages will contact you to schedule two customer care appointments at appropriate intervals. To ensure all items are addressed, at the time we contact you, you will need to provide a list of items that you want Classic Cottages to review.

We will contact you within 90 days after your purchase to schedule a customer care appointment to review the items you have listed as defects under the warranty. This 90 day period allows sufficient time for you to become settled in your new home and thoroughly examine all components, and time for routine items associated with your new home “settling in with itself” to become apparent.

Near the end of the 11th month after your Warranty Commencement Date, you will be contacted to schedule your Year End Warranty Customer Care Appointment. During this appointment, we will review the items you have listed as defects under the warranty.

Standards of Performance

The Builder Limited Warranty Standards of Performance detail the tolerances of workmanship and materials within which a new home should perform.The Residential Performance Guidelines published by the National Association of Home Builders shall apply to any items not covered by these guidelines.

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